Legal Aspects of nursing, Homework 5

Legal Aspects of nursing, Homework  5 Essay example
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Legal Aspects of nursing Name: Institution: Date Abstract The codes of ethics in the nursing profession states that the nurse should act competently. Moreover, in the constitution it is well stipulated that any public officer should safeguard all tools that aid him/her in the course of dispensing their duty.


Facts In this case there are various notable facts that will greatly help when giving the judgment. In addition these facts will clearly reveal any misconduct and its perpetrator. In the career history of the subject nurse, she has carried herself with dignity and as such she has gained respect for her competence and dedication. However, suspicions have emerged that this nurse has been diverting narcotics for her personal use without following the laid down procedures. Further, the organization that this nurse is working in has recently installed a computerized medical cabinet to supplement the traditional paper medication administration record (MAR). Consequently, every nurse is expected to fill their handwritten MAR’s and they should match with the computerized records. On further, investigation it is noted that the nurses fill their MARs later and they con fessed to having forgotten some of the drugs they had taken from the medical cabinet. Action In a case that this case goes to trial the defendant in this case would be the health facility while subject nurse the plaintiff would be the. The reason as to why the nurse would be the complainant is that she will be defending her right from being suspended. In any case, the facility would have gotten justice from suspending her. ...
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