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Student Name: Professor’s Name: Nursing Date of Submission: Legal Aspects of Nursing A sturdy rivulet of high-visibility medical mishaps and accidents, which are a result of carelessness, makes patient safety being on the front page of health care. Under the Patient Safety Act (2005), physicians and health care providers have the responsibility of reducing unpleasant accidents involving patients.


Patient safety entails knowing and reducing factors that may cause medical errors, communication of any relevant patient information to other medical health care providers, and disclosure of patient information (Byers and White 84). In the case in question, health care provider’s responsibility of maintaining patient safety is on the limelight. This is because the patients and health care society view health care providers as quality and safety leaders. Among the different roles that a physician should execute, he or she should take an active part in practice-specific activities that ensure patient’s safety (Byers and White 88). Though the doctors restrained Mr. Garcia to prevent self-harm, they failed to provide a direct one-to-one observation to Mr. Garcia, who later escaped from the hospital. Therefore, Mr. Garcia’s escape from the hospital can be linked to the physicians’ failure to observe him closely. In addition, communication of relevant patient information to other health care practitioners is a principle eminent in the case. It is the responsibility of health care practitioners to inform other health care providers about a patient. ...
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