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Nursing Research Name Institution Nursing Research Evidence of scientific rigor The qualitative study by Scott and Pollock (2007) study has sufficient evidence of scientific rigor based on various factors. Meyers and Sylvester (2006) identify the appropriateness and accuracy of sources that a research study develops data and the interpretation of the collected data as credibility, which is evidence of scientific rigor in a study.


On the other hand, the analysis of data in the research study involved a process of assembling raw data and obtaining a set-up of the overall nursing unit. By establishing this set-up, the data collected is credible since it provides an individual with a picture of the unit without a complete analysis, which is evidence of scientific rigor. Other than credibility, Meyers and Sylvester (2006) identify the importance of data transferability as evidence of scientific rigor in research. In line with this, transferability is the representativeness of the research study. In this study, Scott and Pollock understand the context they are investigating since they collected data to extent that they were satisfied that they fully addressed the issue under study. Consequently, the researchers provide a rich text that contextualizes the phenomenon in a descriptive approach that makes the findings of the research study applicable to other facilities. Dependability, which is the level of the reliability's coding procedures, is another noteworthy approach of establishing scientific rigor in qualitative research (Meyers & Sylvester 2006). ...
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