Developing Evaluation Plan Obesity in Children

Developing Evaluation Plan Obesity in Children Essay example
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Name: School: Course Title: Topic: DEVELOPING EVALUATION PLAN OBESITY IN CHILDREN Lecturer: Date of Submission: Overview The evaluation of any project is very important to finding out the rate success associated with the achievement of the aims and objective of the project (Jacobi, Agras and Hammer, 2001).


Specified methods and corresponding variables for implementing the evaluation have been outlined. The table below is a representation of the three major methods or modes of evaluation and the corresponding variables that go with them. Method Variable Adherence to a specified eating pattern Dietary matrix Obtain data statistics of the body mass index of participants in a sample size Weight, height and age of participants levels of involvement among children with obesity into social activity Rate of social involvement Evaluation Tool From the table of methods and variables, it would be noticed that the evaluation plan will compose of the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data. This idea has influenced the selection of an evaluation tool that ensures that there is a mixed approach made up of the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data. To ensure this, the researcher is going to design a questionnaire for the evaluation process. Generally, a questionnaire is a piece of paper that contains written questions that are supposed to be answered through writing (Wilkins et al, 1998). As said earlier, using this tool will make it possible for the researcher to collect a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data from respondents. ...
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