Challenges and Responses to Improving Geriatric Nursing Care

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CHALLENGES AND RESPONSES TO IMPROVING GERIATRIC NURSING CARE Name University Course Instructor Date Abstract Life expectancy across the globe has been increasing due to improved eating habits. However, 80% of old people have chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


Therefore, there is not only shortage of nurses to deal with the old aged, but also poor services offered by practicing nurses. There is need for colleges to equip nursing students with skills to enable them perform optimally when serving the old. Incorporating practical sessions and internship will help a great deal in improving their knowledge. Experience gathered during internship provides one with a chance to practice handling the old age at an early age, and thus perform better latter at work. It is therefore necessary to understand the needs of the old aged, and how best to deal with them. From research, nurses who have interacted with the old people understand them better, communicate with them effectively and are able to attend to them comfortably and effectively. Discussion Nursing education and practice for the aged challenges The number of old-aged people seeking health care facilities is rising with no or minimal changes in the number of nurses specialized in the field. According to Hickman, University of Western Sydney and Newton (2007), most of the nurses attending to the old people have no special training. Therefore, apart from the shortage of nurses trained in dealing with the old, the already practicing nurses are offering substandard services to the old aged. This is because they lack professional competence in that area. ...
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