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Nursing Informatics Name Lecturer Date Nursing Informatics Nursing informatics drives innovation that defines the future approaches to knowledge and information management in clinical care, biomedical research, and public health. Nursing Informatics pioneers introduce, develop, and evaluate new methods that are biomedically motivated in areas as diverse as data mining, text processing, natural language, human interface design, cognitive science, decision support, logarithms, and databases for analyzing large amounts of data that are generated in clinical research and public health (Qing, 2006).


Susan J. Grobe. The two are known for their contributions in health information technology and nursing informatics education and science. Both Dr. Thede and Dr. Grobe used the term health informatics to refer to the practice of informatics and applied research across public and clinical health domain. These pioneers developed the techniques and methods that are very relevant across major application areas in clinical and public health that aided the advancement of nursing practice. Some of the contributions of these two pioneers included the development of clinical research informatics, translational bioinformatics, consumer health informatics, clinical informatics, and public health informatics; all of which have greatly influenced nursing practice in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Calvin, 2009) The two pioneers have made individual accomplishment in nursing informatics. For example, Dr. Linda Q. Thede participated in various committees in Kent State University implementing and studying computer uses in nursing practice and distance education to nursing practitioners. ...
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