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CRITIQUE OF QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE SURGICAL NURSING ARTICLES INTRODUCTION – CRITIQUE 1 An essential component of professional development as an effective clinician is the need to remain up-to-date on current techniques and technology. As health care costs rise, health maintenance organizations as well as hospitals themselves must take a long hard look at whether and to what extent their traditional services should be an amended.


While the circumstances might seem extremely divergent, the necessity for speed and efficiency is universal to the healthcare profession and the ongoing need to increase the delivery of services at reduced cost. Thus, two commonly available drug treatment options are evaluated. SELECTION PROCESS In order to find articles of relevance, exhaustive searches of nursing journals, and surgical scientific journals were conducted to arrive at the two articles subject to critique. Same Day surgery and shock treatment are useful keywords. In some cases, when conducting extensive library research, online sources can easily supplement library searches beyond what can be achieved through the normal library reference system. If working in a library, a possible strategy is to identify the names of all journals that might possibly be relevant to the topic at hand, then using an online source to find the websites of those journals, as which time further searches can be conducted. ...
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