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Quantitative Research Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction This essay is an evaluation of a study article written by Patricia Newcomb, Andrea Smith and Paula Webb (2009) entitled “Relationship of nurse job satisfaction to implementation of a nursing professional practice model.” This is a quantitative research article found in the Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research.


On the other hand, the problem of the study is that persistent nursing shortages, in addition to, the worry about the quality of current health care emphasize the vital need to employ and retain a cadre of expert nurses in the nation’s hospitals. The researchers carried out an extensive literature review on the literature that supports the problem of the study. In addition, the study has mainly used primary sources, which provide evidence-based information for the investigation (Polit and Beck, 2008). However, the researcher used a number of information resources that are not up to date with some written 22 years before the time of the study. The researchers should have used latest literature, probably those published within 7 years or so. The literature review also provides a state-of-the-art blending of evidence with regard to the research problem, and it provides a substantial foundation for this study. In the study, the researchers have included a number of concepts, which they have adequately defined conceptually. ...
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