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Reflective Analysis Name Institution Nursing practice involves providing health care to patients (Payne, 2010). While in practice learning how to handle patients at a local hospital as a student nurse with my fellow colleagues, a nurse who was helping out my instructor from the same client’s room walked out of the room wearing her hand gloves.


Some supported her move saying that she was aware of her actions. I, however, was against her move though I did not have a firm stand on what I would do. I had not used my hand gloves to interact with anything unhygienic. As we were moving out of the client’s room, I had mixed feelings on whether to remove my hand gloves or keep them on as I had not used them. I thought of the nurse who had earlier walked out of the room with her gloves on and saw no harm in that, so I decided to leave the room wearing my hand gloves. Not considering my knowledge of hand hygiene, effective hygiene of the hands is most effective for prevention of healthcare infection (Payne, 2010). As we were moving out, my instructor noted I was still wearing my hand gloves. She summoned me and told me of the irregularity and advised me to correct it. I disappointed her as she had reminded us of the practice during the post-conference briefing. This irregularity proved my values unsuitable. My accountability and responsibility were doubted as this basic procedure compromised it. Nurses take responsibility for their judgments and the actions they provide (Ravitz, 2009). ...
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