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Improving the Use of Medicine

The publication about this campaign was first reported in the Health Department report titled “Building a Safer NHS for Patients: Improving medication safety”  (National Patient Safety Agency, 2004). Afterwards in 2006 the Health department of UK reviewed the patient safety-first policies. This was after they launched the first movement towards creating awareness and emphasizing on patient safety. However, this process was not an easy journey as the department experienced several challenges on the way while trying to deliver and implement this awareness. Consequently, the outcome of the first movement is what led to the recommendation to come up with a campaign for England’s NHS  (National Patient Safety Agency, 2011). A campaign was, therefore, devised that would support and promote the implementation of interventions. The interventions were to develop the welfare of patient care and consecutively contribute towards strategizing and providing Patient Safety First initiative (National Patient Safety Agency, 2009a). In 2007, a team known as the Safe Medication Practice at The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) produced a report on a campaign that seeks to improve the use of medications in the NHS. The campaign dubbed Safety in Doses seeks wrote a report that entailed detailed information on usage and incidents of medication. The report seeks to educate medical field, and those related to the medical field on important facts about medication incidents from various departments and show these incidents can be avoided ...
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The purpose of current paper “Improving the Use of Medicine” is to evaluate the NHS policies taken for safety doses. The author will point out the main aims of the initiative and what it was intended to achieve. The author will also identify the intended audience targets.

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