NHS policy/strategy major safety campaign

NHS policy/strategy major safety campaign Essay example
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Recent Policies and Campaigns National Health Service: Safety in Doses, Improving the Use of Medicine INTRODUCTION Medication errors can be a serious problem in the health care system (National Patient Safety Agency, 2009a). Some errors can even become life threatening, as well as prolong a hospital stay for the patient (National Patient Safety Agency, 2004).


The purpose of current paper is to evaluate the NHS policies taken for safety doses. The author will point out the main aims of the initiative and what it was intended to achieve. The author will also identify the intended audience targets, the key drivers for the implementation of this initiative, the possible evidence base supporting this campaign, the likely positive or negative effects on patient care and the patients’ experience of healthcare in relation to the campaign safety in doses improving the use of medicines in the National Health Service. Safety first is a section created by National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) whose tasks is to identify and reduced the risks that patients may encounter while receiving NHS care (National Patient Safety Agency, 2009a). Their structural work is to gather confidential reports of reported patient safety incidents by NHS staff from various hospitals and healthcare facilities in Wales and England. When all reports have been collected, they are then put in a database called National Reporting and Learning System. Safety first has a number of safety experts and clinicians that are proficient in data analyses. These experts are responsible to identify and report common risks and identify opportunities that may arise to mend patient safety. ...
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