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Name Course Instructor Course Title Date of Submission Nursing Research Qn. 1 In the current global world, the knowledge economy characterizes operations in different settings. In line with this, the nursing profession has been on the forefront in using the knowledge, in the field of nursing, to develop solutions that promoted quality and safe care in the nursing practice.


In doing this, educators in healthcare facility should provide this information to nurses in order to ensure that nurses were in tune with current standards of care. Qn. 2 Education is crucial in all professions, and not only in nursing. However, additional educational separates the level of professionalism in various careers. In this case, the nursing profession requires continuous education of nurses in the profession in order to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills that are important and keep on changing in the contemporary world. In doing this, educating graduate nurses provides the profession with individuals who were aware of standard practice in their line of duty. Nursing career, like any other career, keeps on evolving with new standards of care and quality being developed. In addition, the evolving technology changes the current knowledge in practice, which highlights the important of educating graduate nurses. Consequently, educating this group of nurses equips them with the knowledge and skills to provide quality care that was safe. ...
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