Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy Literature review example
Literature review
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Teenage Pregnancy Contents Abstract - page 2 Introduction - page 2 Reasons for this study – page 6 Thesis – page 6 Method – page 6 Literature Review – page 7 Analysis of literature review Future Actions Conclusion References Abstract This essay considers teenage pregnancy, taking into consideration the factors which promote it, the services available to young people and their suitability.


Legal as well as social and psychological issues and funding are considered. Introduction For those people who have planned and look forward to having a child, the news of a confirmed pregnancy is a very positive event. In the case of some young people however, similar news can come as a shock. There seems to a be a degree of disconnect in some minds between sexually risky behaviour and its possible aftermath. Reactions may well include ‘Why me?’’ together with fear of the reactions from her parents. A girl in such a situation may well feel lonely, scared, ashamed, sad and desperate. She may feel angry with the young man concerned. He may be just as scared of the possible wrath of his parents, but also perhaps of any future responsibilities for which he feels unprepared. He may also find himself on the side-lines or even totally discarded, being allowed little or no part in any decisions to be made. For both of these young parents life choices are suddenly very different from what they were only a few weeks earlier. ...
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