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Practicum Evaluation Summary Paper Name Institution Practicum experience and achievement of personal learning objectives from Practicum Learning Agreement Based on the practicum learning agreement, there were four learning objectives that I accomplished during the process of my practicum project.


To improve overall service at BTGH, so that every patient who wants to can get the highest quality of care. To improve patient-provider relations at BTGH, by improving the quality of the service which patients receive. In order to accomplish these goals, each objective in the practicum learning agreement was to be designing in a manner that helped me achieve the overall goals of my practicum project. Nonetheless, I achieved the following four objectives as per my practicum learning agreement. I carried out an effective analysis of the need to improve the low HCAHPS scores at BTGH. I learned how to develop an action plan based on the following approaches: Conducting a staff survey that identifies the needs for a healthcare facility. An effective process of conducting the literature review for the need of improving HCAHPS scores I learned the effective approach of implementing an action plan in order to improve HCAHPS scores and the importance of a mentor. Finally, I learnt the process of conducting an effective evaluation of the overall project. Effective Analysis Based on the practicum learning objective, I achieved the objective of carrying out an effective analysis on the need to improve the HCAHPS scores in a facility. ...
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