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Running head: Assessment of Nursing Care Using Simulation Name Instructor Date Introduction Simulation is the use of an act in a bid to explain the aspects of another different act by means of representation emulation and imitation. In nursing and other health care professions simulation can be used to perform four major functions which include training/education, assessing to trainees, researching various phenomena in the field, and finally for the facilitation of a safe environment for patients or clients.


Literature on simulation in the nursing field done for the purpose of assessment and evaluation of the nursing students is very limited. This paper therefore tries to shed some light on how simulation in nursing can be used in the assessment of student nurses. Peer-reviewed Articles and Simulation Application in Assessment Researches in the recent past have shown that a high percentage of student nurses graduate from college with a technique of critical thinking that can be termed as below average. This is due to the fact that student nurses in the learning process are only given one or two patients to practice with. This greatly undermines the nurses’ capability to establish a sound professional judgment in the clinical domain. Todd et al. (2008) developed a tool that was validated as a simulation evaluator. This tool was used to assess the competence of nurses who had different numbers of patients assigned to them during their learning period. The results got after using this tool were that the competence of the nurses was better with every addition two or four patients assigned to the nurses (Frontiero & Glynn, 2012). ...
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