Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders

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Gastrointestinal Disorders [Name] Nursing [Date] Gastrointestinal Disorders Gastrointestinal diseases among the elderly have a high level of importance as individuals are living longer and demographic studies have shown that the next decade will be characterized by a larger number of individuals living beyond the age of 65.


Another area of concern is the fact that diseases tend to be more expressed in elderly patients and hence their effects will be more severe. For this reason the approach in treatment is different when dealing with individuals above 65 years. In addition, these individuals are likely to be under several medications which also have to be taken into consideration when prescribing the drugs for the patients. This paper will discuss the factors concerning gastrointestinal diseases and challenges faced during the examination and diagnosis of these patients. It will also analyze the further complications that are characteristic for the elderly. Functional gastrointestinal diseases are associated with a plethora of symptoms which present biochemical and structural abnormality which is unidentifiable (Chang, Locke, McNally, Halder, Schleck, Zinsmeister, & Talley, 2010). Ageing itself is associated with numerous functional changes in the gastrointestinal tracts; such changes involve motility, intraluminal digestion, secretion and absorbtion (Grassi, Petraccia, Mennuni, Fontanna, Scarno, Sabetta, & Fraioli, 2011). Oropharyngeal muscle dismotility has a high preveilance among the elderly patients. ...
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