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Name Course Instructor Course Title Date of Submission Nursing Research Qn. 1 As a member of an association, I will be exposed to continuous learning courses, which help members stay up to date with standards of practice. Through the educational programs, I will get exposure to a diverse range of nursing courses, which will improve the quality of care, which I can deliver to my patients and the community at large.


Through exposure to these informative resources, professionals and knowledge areas, I will improve my knowledge base and the capacity to offer quality care. Qn. 2 As a professional in the medical profession, I am required to offer my entire work time – and in some cases my personal time – towards the delivery of healthcare services, which are the source of my livelihood. Therefore, as a permanent employee in this sector, almost all my time is spent on work – particularly patient care. However, there are other professional activities that I am required to take, either for certification or for personal development. These include attending professional seminars, educational conventions, professional examinations, assisting other professionals and contributing to the knowledge-base available at professional associations. Balancing between the career and these other professional activities is difficult, as they improve my career and professional development, but at the same time – I am required to execute my duties as a professional, to the fullest. ...
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