Application: Planned Change in a Department or Unit

Application: Planned Change in a Department or Unit Research Paper example
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Planned Change in a Department or Unit Name Institution Abstract Flexibility and adaptability to change define powerful characteristics that every individual should fight to exhibit to enjoy life. There are many changes that occur in daily life of human being, and that demand for adoption for one to survive.


Any new technology thought to have potential of improving efficiency and performance in institutional operation process presents with it negative challenges. The negative challenges may sometimes be very severe and serious that if unchecked can result to total crunch in the operation of a given institution. It is due to this that institutions require to develop and adopt proper change plans upon realization and adoption of any given technology. Health care sectors are among the many fields of economy that has succumbed to serious challenges due changes and advances in technology. Central venous lines technology is one of the technologies in health care sector that has resulted to serious challenges when used to improve Intensive Care Units (ICUs). One of the greatest challenges presented by the technology, and that is nearly compromising the state of ICUs in health care institutions relates to high risk of infection of blood stream of the patient during insertion. Central Line Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI) is one of the infection risks on the body of patient during insertion of the central venous lines. ...
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