Induced Theraputic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest

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INDUCED THERAPEUTIC HYPOTHERMIA AFTER CARDIAC ARREST 1 Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest Name of author Name of University INDUCED THERAPEUTIC HYPOTHERMIA AFTER CARDIAC ARREST 2 Abstract Cardiac arrest is quite common in many countries of world including United States, where about 325, 000 reported deaths have been recorded per year according to the study published by Bau P.


This technique involves cooling of a patient to about 32 to 34 degrees Centigrade. Although introduced in 1950’s, it was abandoned due to certain difficulties however it was re-introduced in 1980’s after animal studies. After some successful studies, it is now approved by American Heart Association and is a part of their updated resuscitation standards. Given below is an insight into the steps involved, side effects and possible prognosis of induced therapeutic hypothermia. INDUCED THERAPEUTIC HYPOTHERMIA AFTER CARDIAC ARREST 3 INTRODUCTION: Therapeutic hypothermia is also known as ‘targeted temperature management’. Michelle E. (2011) has discussed in detail about the induction of therapeutic hypothermia and its outcomes in patients undergoing open cardiac surgery. She defines the therapeutic hypothermia as a ‘deliberate reduction of the core body temperature’ typically to a range of about 32 to 34 degrees Centigrade (89.6 to 93. 2). This is especially true for those patients who are unable to regain consciousness as the blood starts to circulate again following a cardiac arrest. ...
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