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Developmental Model of Health and Nursing Name Institution Course Developmental Model of Health and Nursing The developmental model of health and nursing emerged in the 1970s after a rigorous reform in the health sector. The reform sought to expand the services delivered by nurses for the benefit of the community.


Allen had had a form educational basis in nursing that started with a nursing course at Montreal general hospital nursing school and progressed to acquire a degree and masters in nursing. Later, she acquired a Ph.D. in education from Stanford University in 1967. After this, she committed herself to teaching and research in the nursing field. She exhibited a futuristic approach to the nursing field, regarding the role of nurses a critical complement to the role played by other medical professionals (Bomar, 2004). This paper will discuss in detail the application of the developmental model of health and nursing in practice. Overview of the Article Allen had the conviction that nurses could expand their services from the patient to the family. Therefore, she sought to develop a model that would describe a relevant organization with the potential of bringing the family unit and health professionals into working to promote health. The McGill model is one of the models adopted by nurses in improving the efficiency of their services (Allen, & Warner, 2002). Allen highlighted that families have potentials, assets and strengths that can play a critical in improving health. According to her published article, the family and nurses play significant roles that if handled well, can suffice to foster health. ...
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