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Reflection Paper on Medication Error Making Use of the Gibbs Model for Reflection Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Description of Event- Phase One 5 III. Feelings – Phase Two 7 IV. Evaluation- Phase Three 8 V. Analysis- Phase Four 9 VI. Conclusion- Phase Five 10 VII.


The Gibbs model of reflection divides the process into six stages, namely, the Description phase, where the event or topic is discussed; the feelings phase, where one’s thoughts and feelings about what happened are described; the Evaluation phase, where the positive and negative aspects, the pluses and minuses, good and bad aspects, of the experience or event are discussed; the Analysis phase, where one tries to piece together what the underlying dynamics and causes of the event or situation are, where one tries to grasp the essence of the event; the Conclusion phase, where one wraps up the preceding phases and tries to determine other courses of action that could have been pursued; and the Action Plan phase, where one draws up contingencies and plans of actions in the event of the reoccurrence of the incident or situation (The University of Northampton n.d.; La Trobe University 2011; Education Drop-In Centre 2012). ...
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