NRSV 437-Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care?

NRSV 437-Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? Assignment example
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Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care Name: Institution: Introduction Healthcare is one of the principal fields largely affected by ethical considerations. Attempting to sustain a patient’s life can present major moral dilemmas for medicine practitioners, especially those dealing directly with the patient, such as doctors and nurses.


For instance, in healthcare there is a law referred to as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which has provisions that seek to safeguard information about patient’s health related information. Nurses should, therefore, be well versed with such laws in order to execute their duties within the confines of the law. An article by Nathanson (2008), "Bioethics on NBC's ER: Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? When is it ok to Break Confidentiality?" examines ethical concerns in healthcare that pose a conflicting challenge to involved nurses. The article outlines a dilemma experienced by a nurse, Hathaway, who is tasked with the responsibility of examining two teenage girls. The nurse promises the youngsters that she would not convey the results of the screening to their parents, with the aim of encouraging them to undertake the test. However, on getting the medical examination results, Hathaway realizes that one of the teenagers has both Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer. She faces a serious moral decision, since she has to choose between keeping the promise she made to her patient and informing relevant parties, in order to guarantee appropriate medical treatment for all individuals involved. ...
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