Culture, End of Life and Evidence Based Practice

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Culture, End of Life and Evidence Based Practice Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract The essay aims to address the following questions about evidenced based practice, cultural care and end of life care. Culture, End of Life and Evidence Based Practice 1.


We also use scientific theories to support our hypothesis. Using their findings, we tend to explore and add evidences to tailor their needs or the clinical problem. It is not easy to find research findings that would be of clinical significance to your study. Critical thinking skill is very much essential in finding the best evidence that would support your study. In addition, the researcher in evidence based practice always work on what they think would be of the best interests of the patient. They also used their clinical judgment in applying evidence to patient care. 2. Discuss the process of how current evidence is used to make clinical decisions. In using current evidence to make clinical decisions, evidence based practice follows a distinct process which are different from nursing research process or research utilization. First, researchers observe, recognize, and identify clinical problem. After identification of the clinical problem, researchers will gather researches that are of clinical significance to the present situations. When we speak of clinical significance, we can say that related literatures or studies the researchers have gathered came from the experts and have used scientific theories. Using their critical thinking, the researcher will synthesize all the evidence and will integrate all the findings from the expert to the patient input or current situation. ...
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