Public Health: Promoting health and wellbeing

Public Health: Promoting health and wellbeing Essay example
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Promoting Health and Wellbeing: Reducing Smoking [Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [University] [Date] Discuss how you can promote healthy lifestyles to a patient or group of patients within your field of practice. Health Promotion is a substantial element of our society which enables health professionals to guide and motivate general public towards a better and healthy life style.


In this regard if we look into the past then there are substantial programs available which had a prime focus over the establishment of a healthy society. Health Promotion has been a part of our lives since forever although it got global recognition in 1986 when the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was developed. This charter had some key objectives which are now acting as the main goals of almost all the health promotion programs and strategies. These include (THE EVIDENCE OF HEALTH PROMOTION EFFECTIVENESS, 2000): Edifice a comprehensive and affective Public health policy Create a supportive environment for the implementation of the policy Strengthen the community action system Develop the personal skills of patients and medical professionals both Reorient the health services and the delivery pathways This paper aims to discuss the health promotion with reference to public health. Nurses play a vital role in the overall promotion of public health and therefore it is significant to increase their skills and experience in this field. Moreover, this paper shall be describing the health promotion strategies related to smoking considering an individual patient’s case study. ...
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