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The Use Of Exercise To Reduce Sleep Apnea Name Institution Discussion Up to date they are only few studies have been conducted to examine the effects of physical activity in reducing the severity of OSA. All of the studies critiqued were able to establish the relationship between physical activity and the improvement in the quality of life and sleep among sleep apnea patients.


Consequently, all the 9 conducted studies reported that AHI was significantly lower in OSA patient who practiced exercise as a remedy. Three RCTs reported that exercise independently reduces the severity of OSA, however it is reported to be less effective compared to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), oral appliance and surgical interventions. In those studies the participant blindness to the intervention was impossible while the blindness of data collection personnel to participant intervention were not mentioned. Lack of blindness may affect the accuracy of data collection. The two studies that conducted by Kline and colleagues in 2011 and 2012 were counted for only one evidence because the authors published the same article in two different journals, which considered double publication. One RCT study and the five observation studies reported that exercise in combination with the traditional interventions of CPAP and diet reduced the OSA severity. The small sample sizes as well as the reliance on survey and self-reports limit the generalizability of findings. Although all of the studies utilized moderate intensity exercise to treat OSA, the mode, frequency, and duration were diverse. The types of exercise were varied from walking on the treadmill, bicyclic, jogging, and stretching. ...
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