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RUNNING HEAD: Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer Name of the student Under the guidance of University Date of submission APA format Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer Introduction Cigarette smoking leads to several health issues one of which is lung cancer (Schroeder, 2013).


Cigarette smoking yields several substances including nicotine which have the potential to trigger oncogenes or suppress tumor suppressor genes and predispose to the development of lung cancer (Molina et al, 2008). Since lung cancer is associated with high morbidity and mortality and is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, public, health providers and government policies are currently aimed at educating people to avoid smoking. In this article, cigarette smoking in the perspective of lung cancer, will be discussed along with strategies for prevention. Cigarette smoking and lung cancer Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related mortality all over the world. Despite that, its incidence is actually decreasing (Molina et al, 2008). There are basically 2 predominant types of lung cancer and they are small cell lung cancer or SCLC and non-small cell lung cancer or NSCLC. The latter constitutes 85% of all lung cancer cases. NSCLC is further divided into large cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma (Molina et al, 2008). All these types of lung cancers are different in terms of clinical presentation and histopathological characteristics. But management plans and prognoses are similar. The most frequently encountered NSCLC is adenocarcinoma arising from the mucosal glands of the bronchi. ...
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