Lesson Plan and Rationale.

Lesson Plan and Rationale. Essay example
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Portfolio Evaluation Criteria: Lesson Plan and Rationale.
A successful program is made up of well-planned courses, and well-planned course are a result of well-structured, planned and successful execution of the required weekly lessons.


This is the stage where the course content, which reflects the curriculum objective, is emphasized, and it is the stage where the learner can participate in the program execution actively. According to Habanek (2005), the "syllabus should explain how the course has been designed by the professor to facilitate learning and what the professor will do to help all students achieve" their goals. Therefore, a course lesson should always be the first priority towards achieving curriculum goals and objectives. Below is a brief description of how ‘Toxicology” lesson for The Advanced Pharmacology Course is executed to ensure that it meets the course and overall curriculum objectives. Lesson objectives The ‘Toxicology’ lesson will be offered in week six of the course. The lesson is strategically placed near the end of the Advanced Pharmacology course because it contains very important information that the learners are required to expansively. Putting it near the end enables learners to gain a deeper understanding of the course in the first weeks and become familiar with the course rationale. By the time, the learners are in week six concepts such as toxicity and chemical makeup of the drugs will be easily comprehended. ...
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