SWOT Analysis. Advantages and limitations.

SWOT Analysis. Advantages and limitations. Essay example
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A SWOT analysis acts as a guide for one to know and identify the positive and negative of one's organization that is the strength and weakness as well as the external environment that is the opportunity and threats.


Strengths are the qualities that enable one to achieve the organization’s assignment. Strengths are the beneficial aspects of the organization or the ability of an organization that includes human capabilities, financial resources, products and services.
Weaknesses are the qualities that prevent an organization from achieving its goals.
Opportunities are the essentials that the organization can adventure to its advantage. They are presented by the environment which an organization is based.
Threats are the elements that cause problems for an organization. A threat occurs when an external environment endangers the ability of an organization to maximize profit (Pahl et al, 2009).
Strength and weaknesses of the organization
There is various strength I exposed in this organization. We have a good management approaches and corporate polices in the organization management system that enables good management process, we own a clinical research center. It is a center of excellence that runs clinical research, we have a highly skilled clinical staff that attends to patients with dignity and courteousness, we have local aids that are willing to participate in the running of the organization, we have a history of a successful open day proceedings with the community that surrounds us, the clinic has a philosophy of honesty, commitment and sharing to increasing patient self-assurance and the patients’ involvement in matters related to the services. ...
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