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Moreover, graduates required certain, entry-level skills so as to function within in the disciplines, but process-based curricula fail to prepare them to function effectively within the workplace or prepare them to perform well in their next level of education. Hence, the new employees cannot satisfy the job requirements. Competency-based curricula pursues to impart graduates with “21st-century workplace skills, namely: attitudes and personal characteristics; essential skills; integrative-applied skills; and premium skills. Attitudes and personal characteristics encompass aspects such as creativity, empathy, adaptability, flexibility, and positive attitude. Essential skills, on the other hand, encompass aspects such as competency skills for simple tasks, interpersonal skill, team skills, numeracy and computation skills, writing, speaking, and reading. Integrative-applied skills encompass aspects such as critical thinking, application of technology to tasks, information-user skills, presentation skills, problem recognition and solving, and reasoning (Anema & McCy, 2010). Lastly, premium skills encompass capability to understand organizational and contextual issues, ethics, project management and supervision, systems thinking, multi-cultural competence skills, negotiation skills, and internationalization skills. ...
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Competency Based Curriculum Author Institution Introduction Health professions education, in the case of nursing, has overtime abandoned process-based curricula adopted competency-based curricula. The process-based curriculum is criticized owing of the fact that education and work remain disconnected, and new graduates lack the basic skills to function within the workplace…
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