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Time Management Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Introduction 3 Planning 4 Prioritization 4 Organization 5 Hourly Rounding 5 Matching Time Utilization Trends and Objectives 6 Avoiding Interruptions 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Time Management Introduction Need for efficiency in health care field has increased significantly; in fact, time management is one of elements that contribute to improvement of quality in health care services offered to patients.


Instead, it focuses on implementation of strategies that are involved in the process of time allocation. This paper explores issues regarding time management in nursing profession, through elaboration of strategies involved. Numerous empirical investigations have indicated that nurses should develop a habit of arriving early in their workplaces. Therefore, by arriving early, nurses get enough time to read reports, hand cover sheets, organizes their work and settle their minds (Woogara, 2012). Moreover, apart from arriving early, they can also develop a habit of making notes for their personal use. These notes are obtained from hand cover sheets and reports. In fact, they can also develop lists or grids containing patients’ names and related tasks. Besides, these notes incorporate a list of activities to be undertaken during the day, and objectives that should be achieved (Woogara, 2012). Nonetheless, nurses should estimate time required for completing each task, and this can prevent misallocation of time on some tasks, thereby neglecting others. ...
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