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In today’s world, where increasing number of people are facing depressing situations, clinical psychologists are playing a vital role in helping such people cope and deal with their problems in an effective manner by finding the right solutions or treatment.


It is their purview to help people cope with their condition and find suitable means to overcome them and lead a normal life. Regarding my experiences in this field, I have worked for 10 years as a Psychologist in the Department of drug addiction. Having fully realized the importance of clinical psychology, I now want to pursue a Masters Degree program and hence I am seeking admission for the same at your institute. I believe enrolling for the Masters Degree program will give me an opportunity to learn in depth the concepts and theories relating to clinical psychology and thus improve my understanding of the subject. This will enable me to work better with my patients and have the right understanding about their medical condition. In addition, I am also interested in pursuing research in this field and hence this Masters program will help me achieve my long-cherished dream. Studying about the human mind is always fascinating as the mind is subject to constant changes. Both genetic and environmental factors can contribute to these changes. All the studies carried out in the field of clinical psychology focuses on the human mind in order to better understand the working of the mind and to work out a solution to help people overcome their difficulties and problems. These studies have helped psychologists to understand how the human mind works under different circumstances. ...
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