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Essay example - Critically evaluate measures for effective service user and carer participation in mental health services

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Human Rights and Mental Health Care Policies: Caregivers and Users Name Instructor Course Institution Date Human rights and mental health care policies: caregivers and users Introduction Mental health care and services is a topic that attracts various perspectives (Byrick & Walker-Renshaw, 2012), of course in different circumstances, depending on the kind of the patient or on the kind of mental health/disorder…

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Human rights on the patient’s part and on the relatives’ part pose some dilemmatic choices (Bailey, 2004; MindFreedom International [MFI], 2013) during all procedures that are to be carried out on a patient. Similarly, policies governing the medical practitioners’ practices do not always work towards expectations of the medical practitioners, the patients’ and/or the relatives of the patient. Medical practitioners, therefore, may be forced to use instinctual approaches at the cost of breaching the working policies; yet, such policies govern the practices of medical practitioners. Ethical responsibilities too count not to mention the principles that guide the predetermined and the instinctual approaches to mental health attention (Bloch, Chodoff & Green, 2009). While both the caregivers (attending medical practitioners and family members) and the care users (the patients and their family members) are importantly governed by some policies, they too often face dilemmas in making some of the medical decisions. In other words, such among others are the factors that affect health care service legislation. ...
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