Application of nursing theory to practice

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Application of Nursing Theory to Practice Name: Institution: Application of Nursing Theory to Practice Introduction The situation of the scenario involved patients who had an increase in average systolic blood pressure and an increase in diastolic blood pressure and were seeking ways to deal with the high blood pressure problem.


The nurses thought of how problem may have been tackled in a different way, and if additional knowledge would alter the situation. The foremost parties involved in the problem of high blood pressure included nurses, doctors and individuals whose lifestyles or lifestyle changes promoted high blood pressure. The doctors had the responsibility of ascertaining the signs and symptoms associated with high blood pressure and giving directions on how the patient should deal with the condition. The nurses had the duty of making sure the guidelines given by the doctor were followed by the high blood pressure patients. The patients had a duty of cooperating with the nurse and explaining their condition so that the doctor could do a proper diagnosis. All this took place in a medical institution. In addition, there may be other conflicts that may be present in this situation. The patient may not be willing to follow the instructions provided by the doctor, the patient may not be willing to cooperate with the nurse, and, finally, the interventions proposed to deal with the condition may not be helpful in severe circumstances. The most appropriate theory that may be utilized to guide nursing interventions is the Self-Regulation theory. ...
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