The importance of living a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise

The importance of living a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise Research Paper example
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The Importance of Healthy Living with Proper Nutrition and Exercise in Nursing Author’s Name University Abstract Nurses work in environments that are not conducive to practicing healthy lifestyles. There are a lot of constraints for them that hinder them from making healthy choices…


This will be suggested to the hospital’s administration and would hopefully impact the wellbeing of the nurses and in turn impact the wellbeing of the patients as well. Keywords: Nurses, healthy living, healthy choices The Importance of Healthy Living with Proper Nutrition and Exercise in Nursing I. Introduction A lot of people measure one’s credibility and character by the concept of “walking the talk” and “doing what you preach”. In no other profession is this more applicable than that of the health professionals, most especially nurses. A nurse’s primary objective is to promote health and prevent diseases (Hensel, 2009, p.2). Whether the patient is confined in the hospital or is treated in an outpatient facility, one of the most important roles nurses have is to promote healthy living in patients so that their quality of life will be improved. However, is seems that more and more nurses succumb to poor health themselves, and practice unhealthy habits that turn their health conditions for the worse. The working environment for nurses is not really optimal for the practice of healthy lifestyle. Nurses often work long hours and take night shifts regularly. They are faced with myriad stresses throughout the day. ...
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