Scholarly Paper - Strategies to prevent Stress & Burnout in Nursing

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Strategies to prevent Stress & Burnout in Nursing Name Institution Strategies to prevent Stress & Burnout in Nursing Introduction In hospitals, nurses come in contact with patients all through, and they do not get relief from burnout. The journal of Clinical Psychiatry reported that nurses who are employed in the most crowded sectors most probably take long-term sickness absence as compared to nurses who work in sectors with optimal number of patients.


By definition, stress involves extreme pressure that demands much from a nurse psychologically and physically. Just like any other person in any profession, stressed nurses can still imagine, that if everything was put under control, then they will be relieved. A nurse who is burnt out feels empty, lacks motivation, and is beyond caring. The Burnout syndrome is characterized by depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and reduced individual accomplishment. He or she does not see any hope of positive change in a given situation, and is all dried up. In most cases, stress education programs fail to materialize due to their irrelevancy to bedside nurses or because such nurses do not get any support from the administration. Finding sufficient strategies aimed at averting burnout and stress are vital, and would not only limit the quantity of suffering for nurses, but would also benefit the Healthcare sector (McConnell, 2008). Literature review A number of studies have explored burnout and stress among nurses in many countries in relation to patient outcomes. Too often, burnouts are directly linked to increased mortality, patient dissatisfaction, and failure to rescue. ...
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