Core Competencies and Program Objectives

Core Competencies and Program Objectives Essay example
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Core Competencies and Program Objectives Author Institution I. Introduction Nursing curriculum relates to the integration of concepts of context and environment, personal/professional development, knowledge and science, teamwork, relationship-anchored care, and quality and safety.


As such, the curriculum should be structured to deliver and foster synergy and persistence across the curriculum and yield to the assessment of program outcomes. II NLN Core Competencies and Program Outcomes for Graduates of Baccalaureate Programs NLN outlines four outcomes as demonstrating and mirroring mastery of essential core nursing practice competencies. The objective of nursing education for every nursing program can be grouped in four distinct outcomes: nurses ought to utilize their skills and knowledge to promote human flourishing for their patients, families, and communities at large. Furthermore, they should manifest sound nursing judgment, and should persistently persist in developing their professional identity. Finally, nurses ought to approach all issues and challenges in a spirit of inquiry (National League for Nursing, 2010a). The outlined components are envisaged to yield to core competency development. NLN six competencies entail: (a) allow learning; (b) assist in learner socialization and development; (c) utilize review and appraisal strategies; (d) engage in curriculum design and program result appraisals; (e) play the role of change agent and leader; (f) based on the role of nursing educator, seek quality enhancement (National League for Nursing, 2010a). ...
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