Emerging Standards of Care: Culturally Competent Healthcare.

Emerging Standards of Care: Culturally Competent Healthcare. Essay example
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In the vast world of diversity people have differences in so many ways such as culture, beliefs, race, religion, educational attainment, jobs and opinions as well. But despite the differences still people have managed to co habit a community with people of differing beliefs.


This is the picture of the modern world and is a challenge to emerge new standards of nursing care to allocate the changes the society made. Today we live in society of multicultural state, where every community is comprised of people with differences such as language. The context of this essay will go around diversity in the viewpoint of health care. Cultural competency is somewhat a part of transcultural nursing that enables nurses to work with people of different cultures. Cultural competency is now widely utilized to bridge the gap of cultural differences among communities such as language differences and other barriers to be able to bring unbiased health care regardless of culture. Key words: culture, cultural competency, multicultural society, barriers Emerging Standards of Care: Culturally Competent Healthcare In a vast multi cultural society people are in, the need for cultural respect and sensitivity is an important aspect to better understand each other and avoid miscommunication. The nurse healthcare system is a definite example of a diverse multi-cultural set up involving vast array of people especially now that the nursing has become a worldwide phenomenon in being globally and culturally competitive in serving clients of different races, ethnicities and cultures. ...
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