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The facility ensures that it preserves the resident’s dignity and respect. I had the privilege to collaborate with Wendy, who gave me a brief introduction of the facility and the rules and regulations that I had to abide to in the facility. During this time, Wendy who was the point of contact provided an updated plan which outlined the activities to be conducted. The first day’s activities included playing bingo, exercising, word games and cherry blossom sight seeing in Washington DC. Such activities helped with memory stimulation and social learning. My time at the facility was well spent through interaction with residents as we played varied games, and shared stories. Assessment As I entered the facility, I fell in love with the place. It was neat and well decorated, and there was a grand piano at the lobby. Some of the residents were sitting at the lobby reading newspapers and socializing together while others were still in the dinning room having breakfast. The small puppy started barking and jumping because it had seen a stranger. I observed that many of the residents were at risk of falling due to unsteady gait. Many of the residents used walkers or electronic wheelchairs. One of the residents approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. ...
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Sunrise Assisted Living Field Notes # 3 Dora Amoah NSG 420: Nursing in the Community Instructor: Debbie Gamboa April 26, 2013 Sunrise Assisted Living Setting Sunrise assisted living is a private facility located in Arlington that provides care and services to senior residents with monthly charges, residents who are mostly senior over the age of 65 years of age or older…
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