Technology and Patient Confidentiality

Technology and Patient Confidentiality Essay example
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TECHNOLOGY AND CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY IN NURSING. Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction. 3 Client confidentiality in nursing. 4 My Perspective on Technology and Client Confidentiality in Nursing. 7 Recommendations 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction.


Nurses have moral and official responsibilities to uphold the discretion and privacy of customer wellbeing information obtained while giving nursing and health care. One of the methods that nurses use to sustain limits and put up nurse-client relations based on confidence and discretion is by respecting clients’ privileges around discretion and privacy. Canadian Nurses Association’s privacy legislation gives support and impacts the values to the nurses’ in relation to clients’ private health data and information. The legislation entails a summary of Canadian nursing principles in relation to discretion and privacy of individual health data and information. Individual health data and information is any information regarding clients that is spoken, recorded on paper or electronic form. This contains information gathered by nurses throughout the course of beneficial nurse-client relations. This type of information relates to the following: Physical and mental health, including family health account. Health care previously accorded to the patient. A strategy for service. Expenses or capability for health care. Contribution of body parts or information obtained from examining these body parts. An individual’s health number or the names of the client’s alternate decision-maker. Clients do not have to give their names for information to be categorized as private health information. ...
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