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Risk Management Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Introduction Individuals and companies in the contemporary world are always struggling to cope with risk management issues they experience at their work place. Risk management is a process, which involves identification of the probable risk existing in an investment and finding solutions to the eminent risk to suit their objectives and their goals (Joint Commission on Accreditation Health., 2011).


Identification and Description of Risk Management Issue Medical malpractice is a major risk management issue affecting most teaching hospitals. Medical professionals can define medical malpractice as the inaccurate administration of healthcare services to a patient. In most cases, this always result to harm in patients as the mistakes made by the medical professionals at times can lead to devastating effects like death or disabilities to the patient. In teaching hospitals, most professionals are still students who are undergoing training on various grounds by using the patients who register at the hospital for medical purposes as their tests subjects. The effects of Medical malpractice by a practicing practitioner who is not yet qualified can at times be disturbing because they range from wrong dose calculations, wrong dose prescriptions to wrong injections that the doctor did not prescribe (Baker, 2010). Discussion of Steps That Have Been Set In Place to Address the Issue To address the issue of Medical malpractice in major teaching hospitals, various steps are incorporated. ...
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