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Institution Name Course Instructor Date Practicum Project: Safe Medication Administration My practicum project is about Safe Medication Administration. As a nurse educator, I have the strong will to bring a change in pharmacological field, which I believe has started to become a global problem.


This improvement will positively affect my practicum site, Butler Tech, and will further improve the situation for other organizations where the nurses I will be teaching will be posted. For this project, I will be involved in teaching nursing students how to pass medication effectively and how to ensure a safe medication administration and use. I will actively use modern technology such as simulation medication carts in the lab sessions to teach students how to pass medication effectively. The set-up of the teaching environment that I will be working in will involve the use of medication carts, which I will label, a medication record that will consist of counterfeit medicine, and some simulation dummies. The success of this project will contribute positively to the nursing field especially the area of safe medication administration. Goal statement: As a nurse educator, my practicum experience goal is to contribute positively to the nursing field by using core competencies I have gained during my nurse educator program in helping nursing students understand the importance of safety in drug administration. Project Objectives At the end of the Practicum Experience, I will be able to: 1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of how to develop, assess, and execute a syllabus effectively for a course in a nursing program 2. ...
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