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Cultural Competence in Nursing Name Institution Introduction Cultural competence is a conceptual framework that helps caregivers to, appreciate, understand and be in a position to work with people from diverse cultures (Tseng &Streltzer, 2008). Cultural competence is awareness and acceptance of cultural differences.


The main goal of culturally competent health care services is to offer effective health care to each patient, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, English proficiency or literacy (Tseng &Streltzer, 2008). This paper will examine how cultural competence could be applicable to nursing care of the chronically ill patient and family, and how it could help eliminate health disparities for the chronically ill patients in the United States. How cultural competence can be applicable to nursing care of the chronically ill patient and family. Cultural competence is a dynamic and a lifetime learning process of understanding the culture, behavior, language and other factors that may hinder progress between a nurse and a chronically ill patient and family. Therefore, a professional nurse needs specific knowledge about the chronically ill patient, families and the community within (Kersey- Matusiak, 2013). Cross-cultural practice begins with a thorough assessment of the physical, psychological and cultural foci as the basis of the planning of care. The cultural focus of assessment entails examining the social cultural, ethical and sociopolitical features that are uniquely situated within the health-illness continuum of diverse clients (Jeffreys, 2010). ...
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