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Patients Violence against Nurses University Name Date Position Paper This paper is written with the main purpose to present a position on a very bloodcurdling issue of patient violence against nurses. The main aim is to convince the readers and the entire audience that the position stated is valid.


According to the Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) and National Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Supportive Care (Great Britain) (2006), the venues with the highest probability of violence in hospitals include the emergency departments, facilities of psychiatry, home offices, private outpatient offices, forensic settings, mental health community, outpatients clinics, and general hospitals. Patients’ violence to the nurses takes many forms. According to Conroy and Murrie, (2007), they include physical harassment, threats, stalking, frivolous lawsuits, scurrilous and false accusations, complaints to licensure medical boards, vandalism, excessive or abusive letters and phone calls, obscene or threatening mails, loitering, trespassing, home visits and drive-by, and display of knowing of the personal life of the nurse. Many cases are being reported on violent crimes such as rape, assaults and homicides, especially in the emergency departments and the psychiatry facilities with nurses as the main targets (Tardiff, 1999). Statistical research Patients’ violence against nurses has been a thorny issue in the health sector. Eichelman and Hartwig (1995) give an overview of the issue when they document the survey done by the American Nurses Association. ...
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