Violence in the Nursing Profession.

Violence in the Nursing Profession. Essay example
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Violence in the workplace has become a topic of great concern as it has been witnessed in many sectors. Nurses are prone to violence in their workplace either intentional or due to the nature of their jobs.


It has been noted that nurses are easily exposed to violence in certain scenarios in the course of dispensing their duties, thereby increasing their vulnerability (Carter, 2000). The healthcare sector is faced with many challenges including limited budgets, low work motivation, low pay and understaffing. These challenges on their own create tension in the work environment and in most cases; nurses bear the brute of the frustration.
Violence is in many forms including physical, psychological, sexual harassment, isolation and intimidation. The patriarchal medical model has contributed a great deal to this vice as nurses are seen as doctor’s handmaidens (O’Connell et al 2000).In this sense, doctors may form a condescending and intimidating attitude toward nurses whereby they feel their qualification and status is superior to those of nurses. Nurses also face violence from hospital visitors and patients, some of who express their grief, frustrations and misgivings to the nurses, who tend to be more available than doctors. Horizontal violence is also rampant, where nurses themselves administer violence on each. Studies show that nursing students during their clinical assignment in their courses are the most vulnerable to violence (Randle 2003).
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