Homeostasis and pain management in patients with multisystem failure

Homeostasis and pain management in patients with multisystem failure Research Paper example
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Old people are always prone to diseases.Across the world,the number of old people suffering from various diseases such as chronic diseases is on the rise day in day out.Just like other types of diseases,chronic diseases result to pain in most old people


Therefore, as the number of old people suffering from chronic diseases increases; the cases related to chronic pains in hospitals also increase. In addition, several old patients in hospitals experience multi system failures. There are several measures being put in place by health organizations to manage the pain experienced by the old generation as a result of multi system failures. Pain management is the practice by medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists and clinical nurse practitioners to reduce the pain or totally get rid of the pain that patients go through. Pain management is always done through the administration of medicine to the sick or injured patient (Hardy & Paul, 1997). This will help in reduction of pain in the patient. Homeostasis management is the practice of maintaining a stable and constant internal environment of a patient. This may involve maintaining constant body temperatures. Geriatric patients are often old people and they also undergo pain. This paper discusses expansively the pain management that can be administered to Mrs. Elli Baker, a 73-year-old geriatric patient who was transferred to an emergency room after collapsing. Assessment of Patient. The assessment of Mrs. Baker should include all the problems that she experienced. The assessment talks about her homeostasis, oxygenation and her level of pain. ...
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