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In Mr,Trosacks case study there are three main areas which the case manager need to emphasize when carrying out his duties with the interdisciplinary team.They both need to work together and assess Mr.Trosacks discharge schedule


They keys areas are tare his chances of falling while taking the flight stairs, chances of been depressed and how Mr.Trosack will take his multiple medications that is (polypharmacy).These are the main major points that need to be focused by the case manager and his team and his interdisciplinary team for them to have an effective discharge schedule/plan. Each team player has to carry out a specific role in this case study to have positive results on Mr. Trosacks considering him as a case of social isolation. The family of Mr. Trosack interview will check whether it is capable of proving good care is the patient is discharged from the hospital. The case study team has to very keen on cases of depression which might affect his situation in recovering, there must also be therapist ,a person who will prescribe his medication(pharmacist) and an assistant who will take care of him while at home. After gathering all this information a suitable discharge plan will be recommended and a discharge plan placement will be effected. (Idler & Benyamini1997). Members of Interdisciplinary Team The interdisciplinary teams in Mr.Trosacks case should comprise of the case manager who liaise the interdisciplinary team to craft out successful discharge plan for Mr.Trosacks.The specific duties for the interdisciplinary teams are outlined. In this case the patient is isolated while recovering from hip surgery, and the case or effects of isolation are known. ...
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