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Health Care Policy Name Institution Course Instructor Date of Submission Every now and then, legislatures propose bills that are meant to serve the public, as well as their best interests. However, it is important to analyze such bills with reference to parameters such as cost, efficiency, benefits among other parameters that it would impact when enacted.


The biggest blow on cost due to this legislative bill may be on small businesses such as restaurants and bars, in which the profits may reduce. In addition, smoking bill lowers the market value of the hospitality industry whereby owners would opt to transfer their businesses to other parts of the country without the ban. When it comes to benefits of this bill, empirical studies reveal a 17% fall on acute coronary problems and heart attacks, exemplified by Scotland after smoking was banned in public spaces (Pakko, 2006). Moreover, the studies suggest that smoking bans do not cause adverse economic effects on restaurants and bans, but rather studies suggest that they improve profitability of the hospitality industry (Pakko, 2006). Finally, ban on smoking would help the healthcare budget, as well as lessen risks of chronic diseases including COPD and heart disease, and obstructive lung diseases. Analyzing cost containment with regard to this bill, it is evident that costs related to chronic diseases would go down. As such $90 million of healthcare costs could be saved from a smoking ban on public paces nationwide. ...
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