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Evidence-Based Practice Implementation in the Treatment of Breast Cancer Name of Author Chaminade University Abstract Evidence-based practice in breast cancer treatment is imperative to making patient care of top quality. This paper contains a summary of an implementation of an EBP guideline for breast cancer patient care and the subsequent evaluation of the effect of its implementation.


Keywords: Evidence-based practice, EBP, Piedmont guideline, breast cancer treatment Evidence-Based Practice Implementation in the Treatment of Breast Cancer Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a way to deliver healthcare to patients that targets problems in the existing system by integrating the practices that yielded the best results through research of relevant studies and accurate patient-care data, along with the expertise of specialists and the input of patients with regards to their preferences and values. The best patient outcomes can be realized when EBP is conducted in the context of care, within a supportive organizational structure and if it is integrated into the organization’s culture (Overholt, Stillwell, Ford, and Melnyk, 2011, p.56). Over the years, many healthcare institutions have adapted EBP in making clinical practice guidelines for the treatment and care of patients afflicted with various diseases. Of the diseases that EBP has been applied to, the most important can arguably be breast cancer. Breast cancer is still the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women worldwide and it is the most common type of cancer to afflict females with over 1.1 million new cases diagnosed each year. ...
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