Enteral Nutrition Diet

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Enteral Feeding Patients admitted to critical care units are more often than not malnourished either because of their disease process or due to decreased intake of nutritious diet, or both. Malnourishment in these patients is dangerous and contributes to several complications which increase the mortality and morbidity rate (Binnekade et al, 2005).


In this essay, indications, scientific rationale, restrictions for the feeding and teaching plan for the feeding will be discussed through review of current research pertaining to enteral feeding. Severely ill patients admitted to critical care unit are in a hypercatabolic state and protein energy malnutrition is a major problem in them. Research has shown that early initiation of feeds enterally, is beneficial and has many advantages like decrease in complications due to sepsis and improved outcomes (DeB et al, 2001). This is because; enteral nutrition preserves the mass of the gut, prevents permeability of the gut to bacteria and their toxins, and preserves the lymphoid tissue of the gut (Binnekade, 2005). Enteral feeding has gained immense popularity because of lower rate of complications with the procedure and also lower cost involved (Binnekade, 2005). Early initiation of enteral feeding has been made a standard protocol in several intensive care units. Because of these protocols, the incidence of enteral feeding has increased dramatically. Malnutrition is not only a cause, but also a consequence of poor health. ...
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