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Family centred care

The author has rightly presented that the family plays a vital role in the nursing of the patient. Since the discovery of this fact, there has been vast interest on the topic of family-centered care. For purposes of establishing the role of the nurse in family centered care, the essay has its basis on a case study. The patient, Joan, who is in hospital, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is evident that she has a family, a husband. In planning the discharge of this patient, the nurse has to consider a number of issues. Some of these issues are the feelings that her husband has, and the fact that he may be unable to cope with her condition, managing Joan’s agitation, assessing the risk that the disease brings about to Joan. In addition, the nurse should consider the stress that Joan’s disease puts on the relationship between the members of the family and the possibility that the family might have limited knowledge on the disease and may need guidance on how to cope. The paper will focus on four major topics with regard to family centered care. The first of these is the risk posed by Alzheimer’s. Secondly, the paper will look into the issue of the stress that Joan’s sickness could cause on the relationship between members of her family. The third topic entails the possible reasons for Joan’s agitation and the best way to manage it. The last issue to be discussed is the feeling that the family members may have towards Joan, and with regard to her condition and the part, they play in caring for her. ...
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The researcher of this following essay will attempt to examine the role and function of the nurse in planning a patient’s discharge, and the considerations they have to make in order to ensure that family –centered care is made possible.

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